… especially if you’re Greenpeace.

The lovably strident folks at Greenpeace have been picking on Apple for a long time about greening up their business model. With PC companies like Dell and Lenovo making very vocal environmental claims and trumpeting their recycling (and tree-planting) programs, on the surface, Apple looked like it was lagging a bit behind.

Personally, I always thought that Greenpeace’s claims about Apple were a bit on the exaggerated side. Reading their page on the issue, you’d think Apple was a hulking industrial age behemoth, spewing toxic waste into landfills and willfully ignoring the environment while all their competitors were squeaky-clean. In the March, 2007 Guide to Greener Electronics, Apple ranked dead last among 14 leading tech companies, and they described The Empire of Jobs as “Holding firmly in last place: low scores on almost all criteria and no progress.”

This week, Mr. Jobs wagged his finger at G-Peace with a comprehensive statement on Apple’s environmental record. Turns out, Apple’s actually doing things extremely well.

The info points out that Apple was the first computer manufacturer to completely eliminate CRT monitors, which not only have significant amounts of lead but also use more electricity than those sleek LCD varieties. They also mentioned they are well ahead of their competitors in removing harmful chemicals from their products, as well as stepping up their recycling programs and consumer incentives.

… or, in playground terms, “Nyah.”

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