L.A.’s not much of a walking city, but with a little effort and organization it can be done. In the late spring, the Big Parade meanders through the lesser traveled parts of downtown, Echo Park, and Silver Lake – and every year in the late fall comes the Great Los Angeles Walk.

Now entering its sixth year, the Great Los Angeles Walk’s mission is to walk from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean – usually along one of the major east-west boulevards. Part tour, part civic pride project, the Great Los Angeles Walk has gone down Wilshire, Pico, Adams & Washinton, and others – and this year the Walk will run through Hollywood. Starting at the Triforium Sculpture at Temple and Main, the Walk will head down Temple, Vermont and Hollywood before hopping onto Santa Monica Boulevard and marching toward the ocean in about 19 miles.

The Walk will be held on Saturday, November 19th this year – so you don’t feel bad about eating all that food when Thanksgiving rolls around the week after. For more information on the Walk and its planned after-party, be sure to keep tabs on the Great Los Angeles Walk web site or by following its Twitter account.

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