Canyoneering is not something I do. I am, however, constantly in awe of those who do.

This morning, on the front page of the excellent SummitPost, I noticed the L.A. area user MountainImpulse posted a comprehensive write-up of his trip canyoneering into Fox Canyon.

I’ve done some hikes in the area, and can attest to its seclusion and beauty. But as MountainImpulse knows, to find the really nice stuff, you’ve got to work for it. Fox Canyon has seven waterfalls — including a 100 foot tall “Great Falls.” But it’s out of reach for us everyday hiking-folk.

But reading this description might inspire you to pick up some rappelling gear … and a good helmet.

Be sure to check out his other write-ups in the San Gabriels — he’s got plenty of great weekend adventures.

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