Google, our future lovable life overlords, are extending their virtual reality-ish maps service Street View off of the road and onto the trail … and into theme parks, too.

The street view section of Google Maps currently allows users to get an actual view of their chosen location on almost every street in the United States, but that’s not enough. Now, the folks at Mountain View have found a way to mount their high-tech camera equipment onto a tricycle, allowing them to get into places the Google Camera Van can’t go.

So far, they have a handful of pedestrian areas mapped, like the Santa Monica Pier, LEGOLAND, and the Monterey Bay Bike Trail. While all of those areas are still on paved bike or pedestrian paths, it’s not impossible to imagine Google taking the tricycle out onto fire roads in the near future.

If you have a favorite paved or relatively level pedestrian area, let Google know about it and you might be able to see it on Street View soon! They’re accepting nominations for areas through Wednesday, October 28th, before putting it up for a vote. Solstice Canyon, anyone?

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