Go Hike L.A.: Sturtevant Camp

In 2015, Modern Hiker is very excited to announce a revival of our Go Hike L.A. project – a series of group hikes to some of our favorite places in the Los Angeles region.

We are hoping to make this a monthly event, and the first on the list for 2015 is a trek to historic Sturtevant Camp in Santa Anita Canyon.

Sturtevant was the first wilderness resort of the Golden Age of Hiking – and is the only one that remains. Currently run by the Methodist Church, the good folks at Adams Pack Station are raising funds to purchase the property and make it more accessible to campers (currently reservation times are very limited) as well as to holdĀ themed events at the camp like Board Game Days and live concerts.

On Sunday, January 25th, Modern Hiker will co-lead a hike with Deb Burgess of Adams Pack Station. We will travel with the mule train into Camp Sturtevant, where we’ll be able to peek into all of the buildings on site – including the oldest existing U.S. Forest Service structure still in its original location – a beautiful hand-built cabin (circa 1903) that served as the first ranger station – and the original 1897 Swiss Dining Pavilion, which currently serves as Sturtevant Lodge.

santa-anita-canyon 2

The Old Ranger Cabin

santa-anita-canyon 3

Sturtevant Lodge

Along the way, we’ll learn about the rich and fascinating history of Santa Anita Canyon and the Camp itself – and we’ll have some light lunches brought in via mule train!

Meet at the Pack Station at 7:30AM. Park at Chantry Flats or along the road with an Adventure Pass, or use one of the private parking spaces at Adams Pack Station for $10. The cost of the hike is free and light lunches and water will be provided, but bring your own food and water if you’re a big eater or thirsty hiker. This is a fairly moderate hike but you’ll put some miles on your boots, so be in good hiking condition. The hike will be done at your own risk.

After the hike, you can stay with the group to return to Chantry Flats or go off on your own to Mount Zion (or do a great butt-kicker up to Mount Wilson). It’s about four miles one-way to the Camp itself. Come learn some amazing history, meet some fellow hikers, and have a great Sunday hike!

You can RSVP on Facebook for updates and more info.

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