We’ve heard rumblings of this “glamping” trend, imported from Europe, for a few months now. Still, the L.A. Times’ recent feature article on “glamorous camping” or “glamping,” caught my eye again.

Why? Because it’s ridiculous.

The article spotlights a faux-ranch in Montana called Paws Up, which specializes in something they call “soft adventure.” How soft? Like your camp has a private maid, butler, and gourmet chef soft. Like you have a heated down comforter and your tent interior looks like a luxury hotel soft.

Photos Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

The accompanying video is even more infuriating, as you’ll hear Paws Up representatives say traditional camping is “too much work” and “not much fun,” and describe their clientèle as people who “want to get back in touch with nature but certainly don’t want to have to go out hiking in the woods to do it.”

Yeah, you know what? Then they don’t really want to get in touch with nature. They want to look at it from a safe distance, and maybe have the ability to tell their yachting buddies about that one wild time when they roughed it.

Stay home, open a window, and watch “Planet Earth” on HD. We’ll all be better off.