Give the Gift of Stanleyness

I don’t even remember where it came from, but several years ago I came across an old, weathered, liter Stanley vacuum bottle. Its distinctive hammertone green was chipping in a few places and there was a little bit of residue on the interior of the bottle, but I could tell this thing had some life left in it.

I covered it with coffee and outdoor stickers, gave the inside a few baking soda baths, and for years at the height of my coffee snobbery I’d fill it with a full liter of burr ground, French pressed black gold and bike to work with it. I’d sip throughout the day and the coffee was always piping hot and delicious.

I retired that bottle after I realized drinking a liter of coffee a day was probably not the healthiest thing I could be doing – but if you grew up or spent time with an outdoorsy family member you’ve probably seen one of those Stanley bottles on a camping or fishing trip – maybe year after year after year. Those things can LAST.

So, it’s gift-giving season, and if you’re reading this site there’s a pretty good chance you or someone you know likes to go outside. You also know, then, that outdoorsy people tend to be pretty picky about their gifted outdoor items – everything has to be durable or multipurpose or lightweight or even sometimes just the right color to match their tent. Lucky for you, the folks at Eddie Bauer are currently offering up a full line of new Stanley goodies – with free shipping on orders over 49 bucks to boot!

Stainless Steel Adventure Flask

adventureflaskIt’s no secret that we outdoors-folk occasionally enjoy imbibing a good grown-up drink. Because really, after a few miles of hiking, the water in your hydration sleeve tends to lose a little bit of its attractiveness. Enter the Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask, a leakproof, rustproof 8 ounce beauty that will hold 8 ounces of your favorite winter warmer – whether it’s a cheap vodka or pricey Scotch.

The leakproof, screw-on cap is attached to the flask via a hard-plastic lanyard, which will make forgetful packers happy … and this is coming from someone who has forgotten to pack camp pillows and eating utensils on multiple trips.

Vacuum Steel Pint

steelpintSo maybe hard alcohol isn’t your thing and you’d rather crack open some good ol’ liquid bread around the campfire instead. The little vacuum steel pint holds a goodly 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and is both classier and more secure than one of those red plastic cups.

If temperature is a concern, the Vacuum Steel Pint will keep your cold drink cold for 4.5 hours or your iced drink chilly for 17 hours – although really, if it takes you that long to drink a beer, you’re doing it wrong.

(Also, if you happen to find yourself drinking a warm beverage instead – say, a hot chocolate with some peppermint schnapps from your Flask – this pint will keep your hot liquid hot for 90 minutes)

If you’re super hardcore about your beer, you packed your own homebrew in a fliptop bottle and won’t need an opener. But if you’re only moderately hardcore you might need to pop open a cap of your favorite brew.

Sure, you can use a lighter or the edge of a picnic table, or you can be classy about it and use the sturdy stainless steel opener that fits right into the Pint’s lid.

bottleopener (1)I should note that although the Steel Pint will keep your drinks’ temperatures stable, the top is styled like a coffee cup cover and doesn’t close completely. Fine for the camp or picnic table, but maybe not the smartest choice for the early morning drive to the trailhead.

Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

vacuummugDon’t want to worry about spills on the drive (or hike) in? The Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug has you covered. This is a miniature version of the liter beast I used to bike around with, and it will keep 16 ounces hot for 6 hours or cold for a full 24. The vacuum seal lid prevents leaks, and a push-button located right on the lid lets you drink and hopefully prevent coffee from dribbling into your beard unnoticed.

Like all the Stanley goodies, this one’s stainless steel, too – so no BPAs and no rust, either. The lid comes apart and is dishwasher safe, in case you’re into deep cleaning … and if all that isn’t good enough for you, this mug is approved by Emmy, the Modern Hiker Pitbull:


no pitbulls or coffees were harmed in the making of this still photograph

For a limited time, Eddie Bauer is offering free shipping on all orders over $49 – so pick up a gift for your camping buddy and then snag one for yourself – and toast your hot or cold beverages together on the next trip!

This post is sponsored by Stanley Brand, although they exercised no control over editorial of the post. Opinions are those of the author.

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