Get Your Signed Copy of Discovering Griffith Park

Y’all have heard about “Discovering Griffith Park,” right? It’s the first ever in-depth guidebook for one of the largest and most visited city parks in North America. It’s been on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list (!) for multiple weeks. It’s getting great reviews, and been selling out all over. And now, you can get yourself a signed copy of Discovering Griffith Park right here.

I’ll be honest — one of the biggest bummers of These Difficult COVID Times for me has been not being able to do in-person events. I love getting to talk to people in person about hiking and the outdoors and hearing their questions and stories, and I love signing books for them. 

Since in-person events aren’t likely to happen anytime in the near future, I got some custom-designed Griffith Park adhesive bookplates printed up, and you can snag your own to get your own signed copy of Discovering Griffith Park.


Click on through to this online Square checkout. I’ll sign a bookplate and write a short note, then pop it into the good ol’ USPS for you. The price covers the bookplate, postage, packaging, and Square fees (and it comes close to what I would make if I sold you a book in person at an event, which helps me out a LOT seeing as all my events for 2020 were cancelled).

On the checkout, there’s an option for you to send a note to me so you can tell me if you’d like the bookplate made out to someone else or if you want a specific note or saying on there. And yes, these bookplates will also fit my first book “Day Hiking Los Angeles” if you’d like that one signed, too. Just as a heads up, I’ll probably be shipping these out once a week just to minimize my post office time 🙂

You’ll get ’em in the mail, peel the back of the bookplate and voila — there’s your signed copy of Discovering Griffith Park with zero direct human contact. Then get out there and get hiking and discovering on your own!

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased a book – and to everyone who wants their book signed remotely. I truly appreciate it.

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Want to help out more?

If you’ve received your signed copy of Discovering Griffith Park and you’re digging what you’re reading, you can do me a solid by leaving a nice review over the book’s Amazon and / or Goodreads page. Good reviews and ratings on these pages actually DO help independent authors like me get our books seen by more folks!