Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

MSRP $24.95
Weight 9 oz
Gender Unisex
Best Uses Bringing a six pack outside with you and keeping it cool


Here in Colorado, beer is just about as big of a thing as skiing, snowboarding, and bagging 14’ers. One could even argue that Colorado was built on it. Historically, Denver was founded in 1858 and rapidly grew into a hub for saloons where miners and pioneers would come to unwind. I mean come on, the first city council of Denver was established in a saloon… and it wasn’t long after that that the brewers started to show up and stake their claim.

The recent boom in Colorado has directly influenced and encouraged the craft brewery scene to boom along with it.  With Denver now holding down the title as a microbrewery capital, it’s safe to say Denverites love their mountains and their beer. The “post hike beer” is a respected practice in Colorado. But why wait until the hike is done?

What could be better than cresting the peak of an alpine summit and cracking an ice cold beer to celebrate your achievement? (Assuming it’s not prohibited where you’re hiking, of course!) Up until now, throwing a few cans in your pack and hitting the trail has been commonplace. Sure it tastes alright as you sip the slightly warmed can of ale, gazing out upon the unfolding mountains before you. But something is there in the back of your mind — something craving that ice cold sensation of hoppy goodness to truly quench your thirst.

But you try to ignore it. You just crunch that mental can down to a compacted size, throw it back in your pack, and hike it out (Always practice “pack it in, pack it out” trail etiquette!).

Luckily, though, for those beer and hiking enthusiasts, there is a company out there changing that. The Coors Brewery isn’t the only thing brewing up gold in Golden, Colorado these days. There happens to be a cool company called Mountainsmith, and this company is doing good things.


The Mountainsmith Cooler Tube is an exciting product for a perfectly relaxed outdoor experience. What appears almost like a yoga mat slung across your back, is actually concealing hidden gems … those gems being your deliciously crafted brews that are also being kept cool. The cooler tube is essentially an insulated sling that can carry a six pack of cans (or a couple of tall boys) wherever your heart desires. Want to bring some beer along on a day hike? Sure! Hanging out at your favorite park this weekend? Bring beer! Need to keep that six pack cold as you pre-game before a show? Do it! Fear no more, your beer can come too.

Mountainsmith Cooler Tuber
Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

  • The lightweight sling weighs just 9 ounces.
  • Made of Polyethylene foam, a material that keeps the sling lightweight and provides great insulation.
  • Waterproof- lined with PEVA pads so it doesn’t leak.
  • Full length zipper allows for easy access.
  • Adjustable strap for ease of comfort and carrying.
  • Great and affordable price

Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

After some avid testing of the cooler tube, I can confidently say that this thing is awesome. I’ve put it through the ringer over the past few months. I’ve taken it snowshoeing through epic powder, I’ve trekked it to the top of beautiful rocky peaks, and I’ve “tubed” my heart out with it before some awesome summer shows this season. The tube continues to hold up and do a great job of keeping my precious beers cold, especially in the 90 degree plus heat we’ve had in Colorado recently. The Mountainsmith standard of quality is apparent, and this tube appears to have much better insulation than similar products.  Anywhere I go for adventure, my tube comes with me. It’s so portable and easy to have on hand. I like to keep it in the back of my car just in case. You never know when you might have a sixer that needs to be kept cold!

Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

Mountainsmith Cooler Tube


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