The team at Portable Sound Labs sent me one of their iMainGo X cases, suggesting it could be used as a small portable speaker for backpacking or camping. I finally had a chance to put the unit to the test and I have to say – while I don’t think I’d always want to pack along some speakers for a camping trip, this case would definitely be my first pick when I wanted to have a more ‘social’ experience in the woods.

Since this review features a product that’s main purpose is to make noise, I figured the best way to show you what it could do would be to do a quick video review … so, without further ado – here’s the iMain Go X in action:


The iMainGo X comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts 10-12 hours, several carrying pouches and lanyards, and a few differently sized pieces of foam to ensure no matter what sort of MP3 player you’re using, it will fit snugly against the touch-sensitive protective screen.


While it can be used with any device that has a standard 3.5mm audio-out, it does seem very much designed for use with the iPhone. The iPhone 4 fits snugly into the unit without any additional foam required, and the screen takes up the entirety of the protective touch-sensitive panel on the unit’s back.



The maximum speaker output is rated at 4.2W total. the unit weighs about 9 ounces (without the MP3 player / iPhone) and measures 5.7″ x 3.8″ x 2.4″

This item is available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers like REI (albeit for a tad more).

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