Product Review: Gobi Gear HOBOROLL 20L

MSRP $39.99
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Have you ever discovered a new piece of gear that simply knocked your socks off? This would describe my experience with the Gobi Gear stuff and compression sacks. Unlike the traditional compression sack, the Gobi Gear line is designed to keep your stuff sack organized through its segmented compartments. It’s a simple solution with a huge payoff.

I tested the HOBOROLL 20 Liters ($39.99), and found it solved a big problem of disorganized and misplaced items in my backpack. With the innovative internal compartments your gear will not only stay organized, but easy to find. The HOBOROLL also features dual open-ends, which allowed me to easily see and find what I was looking for and made searching for a specific piece of gear all the easier.  These dual openings also help tremendously when packing. too — I was able to load the stuff sack to maximum capacity before closing and compressing, and when you can open the sack from either end you can really ensure you’re using as much space as possible.

The lightweight 30 denier nylon pack weighed in at just 3.5 ounces,and can be compressed into a small pocket. The HOBOROLL also includes two eyelet tabs that allow you to attach a shoulder strap (additional cost $11.99, and weight 3oz), turning the stuff sack into a bag on its own. I was a bit uncertain I would use the shoulder strap feature, but I found myself using the HOBOROLL on many occasions for more than just backpacking, and I loved it.


The Gobi Gear line has just added the SegSac ($20.00) and the SegSac compress ($35.00), both bags are offered in two sizes: 15 liter and 20 liter. They both have the trademarked interior compartments, making them different than anything else on the market. They are also are specifically designed for backpacking, unlike the HOBOROLL. The two new stuff sacs will be available for purchase this May and can be preordered. I will absolutely be getting these two stuff sacs when they are released. They are a much lighter, simpler version of the HOBOROLL and a perfect addition to making my backpacking trips more organized.

If you love to stay organized when backpacking, and appreciate a reinvention on a camping and backpacking staple, then the Gobi Gear line of stuff sacks are for you. The price is right and the company’s motto is one I really like: “We don’t believe in making products just for the sake of making them.  We carefully envision, create, and test products that are not just different from what’s already out there, but also one’s that will make your life better.”


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