With the Consumer Electronics Show now in full swing, there will most likely be a ton of new information coming out about the highly-anticipated Garmin Colorado. But until that deluge of press releases hits, we can mop up our collective gadget-lover drool while gawking at the few stiffs lucky enough to actually get their hands on one.

GPS Tracklog has a few new images and a helpful one-page but you’re really going to want to head toward GPS Magazine.

They’ve got a 6 page comprehensive write up of their first impressions of the unit, which seems generally very favorable. They’ve got their qualms with the menu structure and the scroll wheel-like “Rock ‘n’ Roller,” but in all honesty it can’t be much worse than the thumbstick on my eTrex Vista CSx.

For me, the major selling point of the Colorado is the sexy new map view — with topographic shading and even an option for a bona-fide 3D view of your route. It’s going to be great to have a Garmin that can display something that actually looks like where you’re going hiking, instead of an image that looks like a leftover printout from your old dot matrix printer.

Start saving up, though — suggested retail price is about 600 bucks.


For more information, be sure to check out Garmin’s new official product page for the Colorado.

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