I’m a New Englander, so around this time every year I become obsessed with cool weather, blue skies, colorful foliage, and apple cider done right . Thankfully we don’t have to worry much about the weather, and while I still haven’t found that perfect cider out here, I can at least help with the foliage.

Here in Southern California, turning leaves can be found in the riparian canyons a bit further in the season – places like Santa Anita and Icehouse Canyons are often good places to look in mid-October. There are a few picturesque aspen groves near Big Bear, too, but those of us really looking for fall colors will want to keep an eye on California Fall Color.

A twankly mess, Somewhere deep in the Sierras, Ca

The annual site has fired up for the season, and is constantly updating with foliage reports from the Eastern Sierras. The site also just featured some tips for leaf-peepers with canine companions, too.

Do you have a favorite local spot for leaf-peeping? Or are you content to just watch the Facebook feeds of your east coast relatives?

image by Mizzy Pacheco.

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