There’s some new military technology that has potential for a big impact on camping. And no, it’s not the TempurPedic mattress.

Superflex Lighting” is basically a lighting kit that’s woven into fabric, and can be powered by standard AC sources. The military’s been using it to light tent interiors, and the lights can be folded and rolled up with the fabric without damaging it.

While it’s still probably a few years off, I’d love to have some of this stuff on the inside of my tent. I usually like to do a little reading or writing before I hit the sack. Battery lanterns can be awkward to pack and heavy to carry, and holding a flashlight in your mouth probably isn’t good for your teeth. I’m guessing this would be a lot more convenient, and probably wouldn’t add too much weight to tents, either.

Plus, with your tent all lit up, you can pretend you’re in an REI catalog.

Via GoBlog.

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