Wow – where’d October go? Oh, that’s right, I spent the whole month basically traveling back and forth between coasts for vacations, foliage, rallies, and conventions – and now we’re in November. Huh.

Anyway, a while back I dug up this collection of great, candid videos of my favorite cantankerous outdoorsy author, Edward Abbey. He might not be exactly what you’d picture when you think of an environmentalist writer – he’s part hippie, part libertarian, part philosopher, part crank, and all instigator – but his books The Monkey Wrench Gang and Desert Solitaire
are two of my favorite reads.

I’d never heard Abbey’s speaking voice before this, and it’s pretty interesting to see him in his element. Here’s a clip from an old NBC newsmagazine called Almanac in Arches National Park, but there are other videos of speeches, other interviews, and eulogies on Eric Temple’s Vimeo page. Definitely worth a look if you’re an Abbey fan.

Abbey on NBC from Eric Temple on Vimeo.

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