Anyone have any interesting Earth Day activities planned for this Sunday?

Southern California seems to have its fair share of events going on, from the usual festivals and coast clean-ups to an attempt at the World’s Largest Hug in Laguna Beach.

Earth Day LA has a comprehensive, city-by-city list of what’s going down, when and where, although I have a feeling I’ll be doing my own thing with a peaceful solo mountain hike.

Last year, I went down to San Diego’s EarthWorks in Balboa Park, which had a great mix of folk music and cutting-edge solar and home-grown electric automobile technologies on display.

If you end up going to a festival, just make sure you remember that this is about more than just drinking organic cold cider while you listen to a family bluegrass band and get warm fuzzies from picking up a pamphlet on solar heating. Whatever lifestyle changes you’re inspired to make have to happen year-round to make a difference. And they don’t even have to be drastic to have an impact (see, CFLs below).

Oh, and make sure you’ve got your patchouli tolerance beefed up.


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