A combination of work busyness and recent rain closures … along with a desire to not get too depressed … have prevented me from driving through the Station Fire burn area to take pictures, but it didn’t stop the GeekHiker, who made the trip last weekend.

He posted a pretty stark set of photos on Flickr yesterday, and the images are not for the faint of heart.

station fire burn area angeles national forest

Barbara from Wild Suburbia also wrote in to say she got to take some pictures in the burn area, astutely noting, “It is easy to take dramatic pictures in a burn area. It is impossible to convey the emotional impact of seeing such large scale destruction.”

I think her fellow hikers have a pretty good idea of what she was going through when she saw this, though:

The roads in the National Forest will most likely close again during this weekend’s wet weather, but GeekHiker’s post gives a good idea of what it’s like to drive in the area – there are a lot of rangers around, and if you step off the pavement, you’ll get a ticket – so if you do manage to get up there, please pay attention to the posted rules and guidelines!

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