“No hiking for two weeks.”

That is one bad-tasting prescription. But if it’ll get my knee back in working condition and help me avoid some of the nasty medical problems that snagged some of my hiking-blogging brethren, then so be it.

I will continue to update and write until I can get back on the trail, so stay tuned. I still have last week’s misadventures to post.

My Annual Hiking Odometer just hit 99 miles of distance for 2007. I guess this’ll make mile 100 a bit more special. But man, that wait’s not going to be fun.

*** update ***

According to the doc, it appears to be a simple ‘repetitive stress injury.’ I’m getting a precautionary x-ray tomorrow, but hoping this is just one of those things that fixes itself if I chill out … ’cause I’ve been eyeing some long distance backpacking trails and I’d hate to miss out. I’ll keep you posted.

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