CLIF Meet the Moment Contest

Needles Campground SunsetThe team over at CLIF bar is holding a really fun contest where not only can YOU get something – but so do some of the best outdoors nonprofits around!

The Meet the Moment contest asks you to upload a photo of an amazing outdoor moment you’ve experienced and write a little bit about why it was so important to you. When you upload your moment, you choose a charity: Access Fund, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Leave No Trace, Surfrider Foundation and Winter Wildlands Alliance. By uploading, CLIF will donate $5 to that nonprofit – and every time someone shares your Moment to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, they’ll donate another $1, too. At the end of the contest, CLIF will donate an additional $10,000 in your name – and you’ll get a year’s supply of CLIF bars, too!

I uploaded a photo already, of my amazing campsite in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park – every night I was treated to incredible, neverending sunsets while the shadows crept up a huge slab of nearby redrock. Every time you share this image, another buck goes to Leave No Trace. (And I promise if I win the CLIF bars, I’ll give them out to everyone on some more group hikes!)

Be sure to check out some more of the most-liked and shared moments so far at this sub site.

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