Tom, of Two-Heel Drive-fame, wrote a great end-o-the-year post on his personal blog. In it, he perfectly sums up some of the best reasons for blogging about hiking:

I don’t think I’m entirely self-deluded to believe that I’ve been doing at least a little bit of good in the world by posting pictures from the outdoors and writing about walking in the woods. At the very least I’m distracting people from further degrading the earth, and at best I’m encouraging them to get out in their own woods and maybe come to realize why we need these wild places.

It’s impossible to enjoy the outdoors and not be simultaneously concerned for its well-being. Standing face-to-face with a slab of 150-million year old monzogranite or getting dwarfed by a 2000-year-old sequoia will put you into perspective. And it’ll make you want to do everything you can to make sure future generations can have the same experience.

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