Celebrate P-22 Day Virtually

This year, Griffith Park’s annual P-22 Day — a day celebrating our local mature male mountain lion and L.A.’s most famous celebrity cougar — is going virtual!

On Saturday, October 24th, the festival will kick off with games, prizes, live presentations and musical performances, and a chance to get to know the outdoor community of Los Angeles and Griffith Park even better.

The event will feature Governor Gavin Newsom and Congressman Adam Schiff, who represents Griffith Park and its surrounding areas. And the week leading up to the event will also feature musical performances, presentations on the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Overpass, talks with local artists, and more.

I will also be doing a shortened version of my in-depth presentation on Griffith Park‘s history, activities, and trails at 2:30PM on Saturday, October 24th on P-22 Day. Spots are limited so be sure to get in early!

You can pre-register for the festivities now and start signing up for events now. Hope to see you there!