The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is due to be made public next week, and early details show off some not-so-good news.

The report forewarns of the usual climate crisis disasters – more deserts, higher sea levels, bigger storms, snowless mountains, acidic oceans, etc.

But what’s especially interesting (read: terrifying) about this report is the scope of its peer-review process. Said one anonymous British climatologist:

The really chilling thing about the IPCC report is that it is the work of several thousand climate experts who have widely differing views about how greenhouse gases will have their effect. Some think they will have a major impact, others a lesser role. Each paragraph of this report was therefore argued over and scrutinised intensely. Only points that were considered indisputable survived this process. This is a very conservative document.

They did say the Gulf Stream would probably keep warming the British Islands, though. So, you know, at least we’ve got that.

The report will be made public on February 2nd in a global press conference. Source article at The Observer.