nullApparently, something big is brewing with Google Earth.

A few news organizations and blogs got invites to a Google Earth event in San Francisco on February 2nd, with speakers including CEO Eric Schmidt, Director of Google Geo John Hanke, and former Vice President Al Gore – who is also a senior advisor to the big G.

Because of the inclusion of several National Geographic folks involved in oceanography, the Google Earth Blog is betting the announcement probably has something to do with some new ocean imagery — potentially in 3D. And of course, with Gore hanging around, there will most likely be an environmental layer or two on display.

Many, however, are expecting much more than just a few new layers. The last time they scheduled a big to-do about Google Earth, it was to announce Google Earth 4, which added Mac and Linux support, tons of new photographic detail, and photorealistic 3D textures to the little mapping program we all know and love. So we’ll have to wait just a few more days

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