Sometimes when you get to your summit, the prospect of the long hike back to the car isn’t necessarily the most attractive one. Especially when you’re trekking back the same exact way you came in. Now you can wish for your very own pair of Russian gas-powered boots.

The boots have miniature pistons inside that fire when you step down, propelling you forward at speeds of up to 21.7 miles per hour. They travel three miles on a third-cup of gasoline … and apparently are heavy enough to not effectively decrease the amount of work your body does to travel that distance. Otherwise, pretty cool.

Just ignore the fact that you’d need gasoline to hike. Or that they probably sound like a truck when they’re on. Or the very real and likely possibility of you accidentally launching yourself off a cliff.

OK, clearly not practical. … but still. I mean, wouldn’t you want some outdated Cold War technology?

NY Times via mental_floss.