Beautiful Photos from Clear Skies

This morning, reader Erin Johnson wrote to us to let us know she took our advice to get out and enjoy L.A.’s remarkable post-rain skies on one of our 5 Best Post-Rain Hikes in L.A.. She writes:

Thanks so much for your post-rain hike suggestions! I hiked the Beaudry Loop on Saturday and it blew my mind … We couldn’t believe how few people were on the trail. Spread the word about this gem!

Erin was also kind enough to share her amazing photos with us.

Although there’s a heat wave coming our way (booo!), you probably still have another day or so of these super clear skies. For those who want more killer views from the Verdugos with an appropriately killer ascent to match, be sure to check out the Vital Link Trail on the other side of the range.

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