nullFor whatever reason, bears appear to be all over the news lately. In the past month, they’ve been caught plowing into bikers, heading into town for Big Macs, and taking dips in the Gulf of Mexico. Now they’re showing up everywhere on camera, too.

The USGS has been setting up bear-proof cameras all over the National Parks and Forests along the Continental Divide for almost a decade, and now they’re releasing the footage to the public.

The extensive and growing collection of videos show bears and other wildlife in various states of adorable, and include many instances of behavior never before seen in the wild.

Of course, because the video was released to the public — which includes The Internets — it didn’t take long for someone to make a version of the videos with bears performing seductive bark-dancing for their human audiences.


Oh, Internet. You irrepressible scamp, you.

Image by dbarronoss

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