Apparently, a lot of you hit up the Mount Baldy area this weekend, and were kind enough to report on the conditions for your fellow hikers.

Several people wrote in via email or Twitter to say the conditions on the Mount Baldy trails, as well as those on nearby Icehouse Canyon, were almost completely clear of snow and ice and were, for all intents and purposes, ready for summer hikers.

And, many of you also noted that the summer hikers were out in force – which is understandable, as most of them have been waiting for months to scramble up the slopes of San Antonio without having to worry about crampons.

From what I’ve heard, Icehouse Canyon and the Three Tees Trail are also good to go for light hiking again.

I’d say to wait a week or two for the crowds to thin out, but these trails are all Top Notch and very popular, and will most likely remain well-traveled through the season. The best advice I can give is to get to the trailhead early to try to beat the rush. Generally, the Three Tees Trail and the routes to Cucamonga Peak and Ontario Peak offer similar jaw-dropping views without the crowds.

Also, stay away from Baldy on September 7th, when they’re running the “Mount Baldy Run To The Top” marathon, or you’ll be greeted with scenes like this:

Mount San Antonio 021

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