It came to my attention this morning that Modern Hiker was getting some Google Adsense advertisements for California’s Yes on 8 campaign — the ballot initiative that aims to eliminate the currently-existing right for same-sex couples to marry in the Golden State.

I sincerely apologize if anyone came to my web site looking for hikes and found that message on the sidebar. I do not in any way support an effort to enshrine discrimination in a constitution, and I think Yes on 8’s campaign has been one of the nastiest, misleading political efforts I have ever seen. Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage, singling out a single group to have its rights removed is wrong. That is not democracy. It’s Tyranny of the Majority.

Obviously, this is a hiking blog — not a political one. I highlight local environmental issues from time to time, and that’s as far as my political writing for Modern Hiker usually goes — but Yes on 8 forced my hand with this one.

Tomorrow is Election Day. It’s an important one, especially for Californians. Don’t skip casting your ballot — and when you’re done, go hit up a peak to celebrate our great democratic experiment.

Oh, and if Yes on 8 is smearing up your web site, fix it with these instructions.

… and because those other ads may still show up for a few hours, let it be known the following political links ARE endorsed by Modern Hiker:



Update: It’s also happening on Two-Heel Drive and Calipidder. Get out of our hiking blogs!

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