a hobo… Or at least it is according to Backpacker readers, who – obviously – may have a bit of a pro-backpacking bias.

In a recent poll of readers, the magazine asked whether you would cut the camping or keep on packing during tough economic times. 95% said they’d keep on packin.’

And why wouldn’t they? Hiking and backpacking are incredibly cheap sports to get into. That initial gear-buying spree might be tough, but most stores will let you rent the same exact gear if you don’t want to dust off those credit cards. After that, you can experience a complete getaway weekend experience for the cost of gas to a local hiking destination (and maybe some Clif bars and pre-made food). It’s a much cheaper mini vacation than just about anything else.

And if worse comes to worse, backpacking isn’t that much different than being a hobo. So maybe it’s good training for the future?

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