The latest issue of Backpacker arrived in my mailbox this morning. Instead of the usual scene of outdoorsy bliss, this month’s cover had a big ol’ Google Earth hiking route plastered across the front.

Immediately, I turned to the cover story — “iHike” — which offers “a complete guide to the digital revolution — and how to join it.”

Even though it doesn’t mention Modern Hiker anywhere, it’s still got a ton of surprising and useful information for us crunchy technophiles — like knowing that lithium batteries last twice as long as alkalines in GPS units, or that metal carabiners can interfere with satellite reception. It’s also got side-by-side comparisons of different mapping programs, online photo storage sites, and even tips on getting better photos and videos while on the trail.

It’s a really nice 8-page intro for anyone who’s looking to make more work for themselves after they get home from hiking — whether your audience is a bunch of blog readers or just the folks back home.

Just remember us web old-timers, ok?


Image by matildaben.