IMG_0888 I think the LA Times might be stalking me … or at the very least, following me on Twitter. Just a few days after I get back from Pinnacles National Monument – a little known unit of the National Park Service (at least to SoCal’ers) that’s miles away from just about everything, the Times Travel Blog posts a story on the great nighttime astronomy programs at the park.

Regardless, it’s good information, and based on the time I spent up there, nights are very clear and the stars can really put on a great show. The next ranger led nighttime hike is on the west side of the park on April 11th and while it’s free, reservations are required. No reservations are needed for a series of dusk hikes on the east side of the park on May 1st — so start planning those trips now!

Contact the rangers at Pinnacles by calling (831) 389-4486 x243.

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