nullOver the weekend, L.A. Times blogger Steve Hyman was surprised to find a locked gate and a Road Closed sign at Islip Saddle, preventing him from getting from La Canada Flintridge to Wrightwood. That in and of itself is not news — the road closed down in winter four years ago, and there are signs up all along the Angeles Crest Highway clearly saying you can’t drive through.

But Hyman phoned CalTrans and discovered the road may be on schedule to open as early as this Thanksgiving if the current pace of construction continues. If not, it should be ready for traffic by Spring of 2009 — finally letting hikers get into the central High Country of the San Gabriels without having to tack on a long distance hike or drive around to the other side of the 2.

… at least until the next big storm.

Now, if we can just get that CA-39 open to Crystal Lake again, we’ll be all set!

Image by justinm

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