The LA Times has a short story about people in LA getting all psyched up about the snow, and driving a short distance to the Angeles National Forest for sledding, snowball fights, and — in what is apparently an LA Tradition I didn’t know about — making snowmen on their cars and then driving back home with them.

The story leads with descriptions of people in the Northeast, who just got slammed with snow and ice and are about to get hit again. Unfortunately, this is where I will be for the next week — trudging through the snow of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts (maybe Vermont if I’m lucky), instead of tromping through the San Gabriels. Posting will be light until after New Year’s Day, most likely, but I will still be stopping in to check news, answer emails and comments, and do a little dusting-up here and there.

It looks like LA is due for a few more light storms this week — like the one I just walked through this morning — which means the mountains may get another dusting of the white-stuff. Enjoy it responsibly.

san gabriel mountains near Los Angeles, covered in snow

Outstanding photo from Californyeah, who has a small set of aerial shots of L.A. in the snow.

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