nullWhile it’s all well and good to try to cut back on gas consumption in the car, people everywhere are starting to realize that more of our economy is built on oil and petroleum than we’d ever imagined. As the cost of a barrel of oil rises, so does everything that’s made of that oil or dependent on that oil for transport. The first hobbyists to feel that pinch? Surfers.

It turns out the tag on a new surfboard is more closely tied to the price of sweet, light crude than I’d ever imagined. A new AP story says that the prices of some surfboards — made of synthetics and coated in oil-based waxes — have doubled. Other merchants bemoan resin price increases and lagging sales as surfers hang up their boards ’cause they can’t pay the bills.

We hikers are a bit more insulated than surfers, I suppose — really, the only supplies I need to refill every week are Clif Bars and tap water for my CamelBak — but I have definitely been more reluctant to drive 50+ miles to a trailhead lately. And that’s AFTER factoring in that I bike to work during the week.

What do you think? Have gas prices encouraged you to explore more of your local hiking areas? Do you give up the trails for a poolside lounge chair during the summer to avoid the highest gas prices? Or do you just make your wallet suffer your outdoors addition, regardless?

Image by solarbob99

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