As outdoorsfolk, we prefer being out in the mountains or woods, but in order to pay the bills, we often have to live and work in varying levels of civilization. As with anyone who has a love of a certain pasttime, we’d love to be able to have some decent outdoors-related tee shirts to parade around the office and show off to our more sedentary co-workers, but unfortunately, most of those shirts seem to be of the overexposed Life is Good variety.

Now, a Florida company called Adayak is making its way onto the scene, hoping to introduce some new ideas into the market. Right now they only have 9 designs to choose from, they’re planning to launch three new designs a month through the rest of 2010.

They were kind enough to send me a sample of one of their hiking-themed shirts, made of organic cotton (which tends to shrink a bit after a wash), and I found the shirt to be very comfortable:

The shirt did, indeed, shrink a bit on the first wash, but I got a size larger than I usually do so it wasn’t an issue.

The designs on Adayak aren’t just limited to hikers, though – there are also shirts for campers, climbers, anglers, kayakers, and snowboarders … although I still like the hiking ones the best.

Adayak is also a very ecologically-conscious company, donating $1 of every purchase to environmental conservation charities and packaging all orders in recycled and recyclable materials. Hey – they know their audience.

If you’re interested in refreshing your wardrobe for the summer, now’s a good time to shop from these guys. Not only have they just lowered the prices on their items, but they’ve also been kind enough to give Modern Hiker readers a coupon good for 15% off your purchase. Just use coupon code modernhiker before May 31st!

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