R0012389 Yesterday, the LA Times ran a piece on the Adams’ Pack Station at Chantry Flats, which is currently under siege by the LA County Health Department – and the news is good, but not great.

The County has agreed to drop some of its demands due to the historic nature of the building, but the Station will still need to pay several thousand dollars for renovations that will bring it up to code. The owner is still accepting tax-deductible donations, but has also organized a full-blown fundraiser for Saturday, April 24th.

From noon to 6PM, the Adams’ Pack Station will host live music and local artisans, have historic photos on display and offer t-shirts for sale — along with hot dogs, pulled-pork sandwiches, and burgers.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the Pack Station after a long hike and would like it to be there the next time you head into Santa Anita Canyon, drop by the fundraiser – just try to carpool. You know how bad parking can get up there!

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