The Adams’ Pack Station at Chantry Flats is one of the last operating pack stations in the country. It, along with most of Santa Anita Canyon, was spared during the Station Fire, but now the historic general store may be forced to close its doors by the L.A. County Health Department.

According to a recent post from NBC Los Angeles, the department has demanded the Pack Station make renovations to its food storage, plumbing, and water draining or face closure. The store not only sells Adventure Passes, ice cream and cold drinks, but it’s also a coordination center for canyon rescues, and the only supply and communications link to the Forest Service cabins in Santa Anita Canyon and the complex at Sturtevant Camp.

The renovations could cost anywhere between $5-10 thousand, which is pretty tough for a small business to absorb. The Pack Station is asking for tax-deductible donations to the Friends of the San Gabriels, which will help defray the costs.

Adams' Pack Station

I’ve definitely appreciated the Pack Station in the past – for parking, good trail tips and conversation, and more than a few of those cold drinks. If you don’t want to see this amazing piece of local history close shop, please read more about the situation and donate at the Pack Station web site.

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