5 Every Day with Modern Hiker

In a city as big as Los Angeles, it can be tough to find fun things to do – often times, you won’t even find out about cool events until they’ve already happened or they’re about to happen … and require a cross-town drive during rush hour. No fun.

Thankfully, the duo behind the indie-pop outfit YACHT is changing that. They launched an iPhone and Android app called 5 Every Day that gives you 5 new things to do in L.A. every day. Ranging from art shows to movie screenings to comedy events, store openings, killer taco trucks, musical performances, and outdoor events, the curated lists are always interesting and – somehow – always manage to dig up something you haven’t heard about.

5 Every Day from YACHT on Vimeo.

We are happy to announce that starting today, Modern Hiker is curating their CITY section for the week. From Monday through Friday, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite L.A.-area hikes – from shady, peaceful canyons to butt-kicking vertical slogs. Download the free app and check back in every day – and see what else is going on in the city around us.

The duo is also very excited to announce they’re launching a new weekly segment on 89.3FM KPCC radio called 5 Every Week that airs as part of the excellent show Take Two (which we’ve also been on as a guest a few times!). On the air, the YACHT crew will share their favorite item from each category for the week. You can also subscribe to the free podcast version of the segment if you’re not near a radio. It’s the on-demand, portable, audio exploration engine for Los Angeles.

And as a bonus, you should check out the band’s closing track from their 2011 album. It’s got a great pro-L.A. vibe and features lots of footage in the L.A. River, Elysian Park, and Echo Park:

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