Today, Gov. Schwarzenegger released a list of the 48 State Parks, Recreation Areas, Reserves, and Beaches that he wants to close to help get California’s budget back in the black.

The list reaches across the entire state, and would close many well-trafficked areas — including our very own Will Rogers, Topanga Canyon, and (slightly non-local) San Jacinto State Parks. It’s not clear whether the trailheads themselves will be off-limits, or if it just means closing down the services and rangers, but either way — when the parks are on the chopping block, it’s time to make some noise.

Bob Coomber left a comment on Two-Heel Drive that rightly recommends raising a political ruckus by calling or emailing your state and federal representatives to let them know you want to keep California’s park system up and running. The Drive also has a link to a more in-depth story in the Mercury Press, which shows Arnold also wants to slash education budgets and release 22,000 prisoners.

Actually, now that I think about it, this has GOT to be a way to help pass Props 94 through 97 (warning! PDF!).

Schwarzenegger’s been all over my TV talking about all the extra money California would get from expanding Indian Casinos in Southern California — and now he proposes shutting down beloved parks, cutting school budgets, and letting prisoners return to the streets? Was there any political boogeyman he DIDN’T drudge up? Maybe he could cut funding to police and fire departments … or just close all the hospitals.

Man that makes me angry. Angry enough to write some letters.

Find out your representative and get their address, phone numbers, and emails here.

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