41 pounds is the amount of junk mail the average American gets each year. And if you’re like me, I’m betting that 99% of that mail goes unopened.

41lbs.org is an especially green consumer group that promises to get you off of almost every mailing list for five years. It costs 41 bucks, and almost half of that goes directly to environmental groups – American Forests, WildWest Institute, New American Dream, and Friends of the Urban Forest.

According to the site,

To produce and process 4 million tons of junk mail a year, 100 million trees are destroyed, 28 billion gallons of water is wasted, and energy equivalent to 2.8 million cars is spent – which produces greenhouse gases and more global warming.

Sounds like that’s worth the cash, right? If not, I know I’ll just be happy to not get three dozen credit card applications every other day.