The woolmongers with the weird advertising are back, this time with a coupon that makes their new line of New Zealand merino wool a bit more affordable for us workaday hikers.

Starting today, use coupon code IB20FALL on any order $100 or more and you’ll instantly get $20 off the total.

As you know if you’ve ever checked out Icebreaker before, it won’t take much to get you over that $100 threshold – but I do honestly believe these things are worth the price. When I spent 4 shower-less days heading up Mount Whitney, I wore the same short and long sleeve Icebreaker shirts for the entire time with (and correct me if I’m wrong, trailmates) no complaints from me or my hiking companions.

This coupon code is good through October 31st. Hey, you’ve always wanted to be a Kiwi Hiker for Halloween, right?

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