National Geographic is one of my favorite magazines – I’ve been a devout reader since middle school and have more than a few shelves devoted to the yellow border in my apartment today. But, if you want to go the modern, digital route, you can now buy every single issue of the magazine on an external hard drive for $200.


The scans are in full resolution, and include all the original maps, features, and even advertisements from 1888 to 2008, but probably the most useful part of the digital collection are the search features — you can search for articles or terms, click on a world map to find all articles about that region, and assemble and save lists of your favorite articles.

The collection comes on a single external hard drive (with 100GB free for future updates or personal storage), as well as a DVD featuring photography tips and stories from behind the scenes of the magazine.

Pretty awesome, right?

Buy the set from the National Geographic Store.

via the Gear Junkie.

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