I’ll admit it, I don’t get down to San Diego County to hike as often as I’d like to – it’s tough for me to get enough time off for backpacking trips, and those are long drives for day-hikes – but luckily, we’ve got some great web resources like San Diego Hiking Trails and Outside San Diego to fill in the more southern SoCal Hiking info. Recently, I stumbled across a new site that looks like it’s going to be a tremendous resource for San Diego hikers – 100 Peaks.

The author is an experienced lifetime hiker who’s on a twofold quest – to hike 100 class 1 & 2 peaks near San Diego, and to write a book about it. So far, he’s on #14, but he also peppers his blog with great quotes, questions, and stories about his experiences. The hike write-ups are a bit sparse (he’s probably saving the good stuff for the book), but are chock full of great photos and video that really give you a sense of what it’s like to hike on these trails.

100 Peaks is definitely one to add to your blogroll, and – like Kolby at 100 Hikes – he’s got a great built-in dramatic curve to follow! When the snowpack settles in on the high San Gabriels and you’re up for some good desert hiking, be sure to check 100 Peaks for info.

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