nullAt the beginning of the month, a man named Kolby decided he would get into shape by challenging himself to finish 100 hikes by January 1, 2010. And lucky for us, he’ll be doing most of his hundred hikes right here in Southern California, and keeping track of his trails on his new blog, 100 Hikes.

While he’s not a novice hiker, reading Kolby’s write-ups (he’s already done 6 trails in less than a month!) are a great way to read about someone who’s breaking himself in on the local trails. Each trail has photos, videos, and a short list of things he learned on the trail, like this gem from a hike up to Josephine Saddle in Colby Canyon:

There’s nothing as sweet and refreshing than a nice cold mouthful of water during a hot, sweaty hike. Nothing at all.

Whether you’re just getting started hiking here in L.A., or you just wanted to remember what it was like when you did, 100 Hikes looks like it’s going to be a great project and a very entertaining blog.

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