Distance (round-trip)

1.4 mi


1 hrs

Elevation Gain

400 ft




A very short, relatively nondescript mountain deep in the central high San Gabriels. Best when hiked in combination with other peaks in the area.

Mount Akawie is a simple, easy, unassuming bump on the map, just about a mile down the road from the much more interesting Winston Peak.

Honestly, there really isn’t much to this peak — just a very short .7 mile ascent up an old, unmapped jeep road to a broad, flat summit. Aside from decent views of Waterman Mountain and a missing USGS Marker, there is nothing particularly remarkable about this mountain. I only recommend hiking this in combination with nearby peaks, either as a warm up or cool down stroll.


The summit of this peak is broad and flat, with plenty of places to stretch out and relax. If you’re looking for a simple, easy hike in the high country and don’t mind driving a long time to get there, then this is the trail for you. But honestly, if I wasn’t in the area and trying to bag 100 peaks for the Sierra Club, I would pass by this peak.

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Alison Dec 10, 2010 14:12

We did this as a snow hike like two years ago and it was super fun. We don't do real winter hiking (crampons, ice axe, etc...) but went up here one snowy day, probably almost a foot on the ground in some places, and it was a nice, safe hike (no scary grades or anything dangerous). We had the whole mountain to ourselves and plenty of space to play in the snow. A mile in a half in deep snow without equipment is about as far as we'd feel comfortable going anyway. There was no trail in particular to find, but it was easy enough just to head up and follow your own tracks down. So this mountain's not all useless! :)

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