Distance (round-trip)

2 mi


1 hrs

Elevation Gain

541 ft




An easy, short path from a nature center up to an overlook point with a great view of the Pinnacles Formation. An easy way to see some of the sights in the park, with the option to connect to the High Peaks Trail loop and continue your journey.

I’ll admit — I wasn’t planning on hiking this trail. When I woke up at the Pinnacles Campsite, I had originally intended to just explore the Bear Gulch caves and head on out, but when I saw the incredible inversion layer that was hanging over the park in the morning, I knew I had to try to get some good photos of it interacting with the landscape.


And so, I ventured out from the Bear Gulch ranger station on this short and sweet trail to an overlook near the High Peaks.

The trail itself is a simple single-track that parallels a service road, then climbs up the canyon walls and onto the Pinnacles themselves. It’s really not a destination hike, per se, unless you’ve got interesting weather conditions like I did.






This trail does, however, offer an alternative route to building your own loop trail. 0.7 miles past the overlook, the Condor Gulch Trail meets up with the High Peaks Trail. From there, it’s possible to loop along the more southern routes, back through Bear Gulch and to the trailhead.

But if all you’re doing is checking out the view, this is the hike to take.

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Modern Hiker May 11, 2009 15:05

Thanks, Lisa! Would it surprise you to know that I didn't shoot that in black and white? The marine layer was so thick, it just made everything gray. It was amazing to watch the clouds roll out in slow-motion -- definitely add Pinnacles to your list!

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LisaNewton May 8, 2009 04:05

What a great trail. I'll definitely have to add it to my long list of places to go.

BTW, I love the black and white shot. It adds a real sense of eeriness.

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