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Videos for a Better Weekend

I didn’t want the last thing on the front page for the weekend to be something about corpses, so instead here are two gorgeous time-lapses from Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks and a behind-the-scenes video from the soon-to-be-released John Muir Trail documentary Mile … Mile and a Half featuring my good friend Kolby Kirk. Hope you enjoy – and…

read » January 25, 2013

Your Hike To-Do List: Telescope Peak

If you’re running out of prominent local peaks or are just itching for a chance in scenery, Besthike.com’s Rick McCharles has you covered. He just finished up an overnight hike at Death Valley’s Telescope Peak – an 11,331 monster that overlooks both the Continental U.S.’s highest and lowest points — Mount Whitney at 14,505 and Badwater Basin at -282 feet.…

read » June 16, 2009

Light Pollution in Death Valley

The LAist picked up on a great story from KCET’s SoCal Connected, highlighting the problem of light pollution in Death Valley and other National Parks. In the six minute video, the reporter ventures to Death Valley with a ranger and a night vision camera to document just how much light pollution from Vegas and other nearby cities is getting into…

read » March 9, 2009