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View of Los Angeles from Beacon Hill in Griffith Park

Hiking Beacon Hill in Griffith Park

One of the things I love most about Griffith Park is its range of hiking – you can take a leisurely, stroller-friendly walk along a fire road to the Hollywood Sign or do an intense firebreak trail run up nearly-vertical sections of ridge – sometimes both on the same trail. For as long as I’ve lived here, I’m still finding…

read » March 20, 2014
Corral Canyon

Hiking Corral Canyon

Hugging the coastline just off the PCH, Malibu’s Corral Canyon has the distinction of being the last canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains that has a completely undeveloped watershed that flows freely into the Pacific Ocean. And yes, that sound like a very specific thing, but you don’t need to memorize the honorifcs if you’re headed here – all you…

read » March 12, 2014
Escondido Falls

Hiking Escondido Falls

The Winding Way Trail in Malibu leads to the multi-tiered 150 foot tall Escondido Falls, the tallest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. While the waterfall’s strength is subject to the levels of precipitation, the trail to the base of the falls is a shaded, lovely stroll – and the trail to the upper tiers of the falls is an…

read » March 5, 2014

Hiking Mount Lowe from Red Box

This 6.1 mile out-and-back travels over one ridge of the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains to get to Mount Lowe, part of old, sprawling land of the nearby Echo Mountain Resort. Mount Lowe was planned as the site of a grand alpine tavern and aerial tramway for the resort, but geography and money woes kept it from being…

read » August 23, 2013

Hiking Red Rock Canyon to Calabasas Peak

This moderately graded fire road ascent just outside Topanga Village provides some amazing views of the interior of the Santa Monica Mountains – especially if you get to see the marine layer flowing over the peaks closest to the coast. This dog-friendly hike has enough of an incline to get your legs working but isn’t tough enough to scare off…

read » July 12, 2013
Cahuenga Peak

Hiking to the Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak

A rugged three mile out-and-back in the newest section of Griffith Park. This trail features relentless ascents and tremendous views of Griffith Park, heading to a unique lone tree and geocaching area. The trail then traverses a ridge east toward recently-saved Cahuenga Peak with an even more rugged option to continue to Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign. One of…

read » February 28, 2013
Trebek Open Space

Hiking the Trebek Open Space

A just-under-3 mile out-and-back in the Hollywood Hills. This seldom-traveled route offers fantastic city views and easy, dog-friendly routes. While parking and trailhead issues may be complicated, this area has many of the same features and views of nearby Runyon Canyon with a fraction of the foot and paw traffic. A nice, hidden gem.

read » February 8, 2013
Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area

Hiking the Kenneth Hahn Community Loop Trail

A lovely 2.6 mile loop in a park in the heart of L.A. sprawl. On clear days, this trail offers outstanding views of downtown, the San Gabriels, the Hollywood Hills, and beyond – and otherwise this park has wonderful bird-watching, surprisingly secluded and shaded trails, and lots of open green-space. This is a great little park that deserves a visit,…

read » January 28, 2013
Jones Peak

Hiking Jones Peak via Bailey Canyon

This trail has two parts – a surprisingly rugged short trip through a shaded canyon to a small waterfall and a calf-kicking nonstop ascent to Jones Peak with killer views of Sierra Madre and the San Gabriels along almost the entire route. Shadeless and unrelenting, this can be a slow stroll or a great workout trail – with options to…

read » November 28, 2012
Franklin Canyon Reservoir Loop

Hiking Franklin Canyon – Reservoir Loop

This short and easy loop in the north end of Franklin Canyon Park is a great introduction to the area – and a reminder of what kinds of hidden gems are scattered all over the city. There are lots of opportunities to leave the reservoir loop to explore the park – or just sit by the shores and birdwatch, too.…

read » October 12, 2012
Franklin Canyon Hastain Loop

Hiking Franklin Canyon – Hastain Loop

A short loop in the southern half of Franklin Canyon Park – a rugged, hidden little canyon just outside of Beverly Hills. This is a decent workout with some really lovely canyon scenery and views of Beverly Hills and Century City – and not too crowded, either!

read » October 11, 2012
Mount Hollywood

Hiking Griffith Park – Mount Hollywood

An accessible, just-under four mile loop in Griffith Park to the peak of Mount Hollywood. On a clear day, this hike will give you tremendous views of the L.A. basin and nearby Griffith Observatory, and its short length belies some genuinely sweat-inducing stretches of incline. A great little hike in the heart of Griffith Park.

read » May 17, 2012
Ernest E Debs

Hiking Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

A lovely 5+ mile loop through almost every section of this hidden park near the Arroyo Seco. Birds are abundant here, and the air will probably be filled with birdsong as you hike its mostly easily-graded trails and fire roads. This park is mostly dog-friendly, has facilities for picnics and fishing, and a top-notch Audubon Center with plenty of activities…

read » May 2, 2012
Towsley Canyon

Hiking Towsley Canyon

A 5.3 mile loop trail through some rugged Santa Clarita terrain. This hike features a decent workout in its elevation gain, some spectacular views of the Santa Susana Mountains and lots of geologic activity – including several small tar pits and natural asphalt in the nearby creeks. This route also has a few fun scrambling opportunities and an area called…

read » January 24, 2012
Elysian Park Angel's Point

Hiking Angel’s Point

A 2.8 mile loop through the northern section of Elysian Park. This route through a park next to Dodger Stadium features a surprisingly rugged single-track overlooking the Golden State Freeway (which is nicer than it sounds) and paved and dirt paths through Elysian Park proper. This route passes soccer fields, barbeque pits, the Los Angeles Police Academy, and several jaw-dropping…

read » January 14, 2012
Elysian Park West Loop

Hiking Elysian Park West Loop

A convenient, dog-friendly hike in the northwest side of Elysian Park, near the heart of Los Angeles itself. This short route offers some decent portions of elevation gain, good shade, and great views of the valley and downtown Los Angeles when the air is clear – all in a park seldom-used by L.A. hikers outside of the neighborhood. Great for…

read » January 3, 2012
Corralitas Rail Route

Hiking the Corralitas Rail Path

A very short but kind of hidden open tract of land in Echo Park / Silver Lake. Historic Red Line properties and ruins and easy access from those neighborhoods make this a great quick walk or part of a longer urban staircase hike in the area. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll see a ghost train?

read » October 31, 2011
Mount Lee to Hollywood Sign

Hiking Griffith Park – Mount Lee to the Hollywood Sign

Get up close and personal with two of L.A.’s landmarks on this moderate 6.5 mile out-and-back in Griffith Park — the iconic Hollywood Sign AND the Batcave from the 60′s TV series “Batman.” This dog-friendly route is popular with local hikers, fitness buffs, and equestrians, and is a good way to tack a local workout into your hiking routine. This…

read » May 18, 2010
Mount Islip

Hiking Mount Islip

A predominantly shaded, gently graded 7 mile hike to the mostly-exposed peak of Mount Islip. This hike offers unparalleled views of the Yerba Santa Ampitheatre and nearby middle peaks of the San Gabriels. There is also a well-maintained campground – Little Jimmy – on the route, which can make this a great stop on a multi-day backpacking trip – and…

read » August 18, 2009
Throop Peak and Mount Hawkins

Hiking Throop Peak and Mount Hawkins

A just over 6 mile out-and-back trail to two prominent peaks to the west of Mount Baden-Powell. With a stretch of spectacularly-designed trail, lots of shade, and phenomenal scenery with not a whole lot of elevation gain, this is a great way to introduce yourself to this area of the San Gabriels and plot out future trips. If you want…

read » July 23, 2009